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ADVANCED TRIPS Deep, Wreck, Night, Drift, Ean

you must be quailified or with an instructor to come on this dive

1st TANK    

So many posiablities so many sites to dive, from the Shark Gutters of 9 Mile Reef to the Deep Dark Caves of the Kingscliff Pinnicles. Im sure we will have you amazed at the landscape and fish life we are so lucky to dive so regularly.

2nd TANK     

Cook Island is an easily accessable dive site, approximately 500m offshore from Fingal Head and 4km Southeast of Tweed River Bar in Northern NSW, the Southern end of the Gold Coast, Australia. This Boat Voucher is valid for 90 days.
This is a great second dive, obviously we want to keep to a swallower dive and find calm water for a cup a tea...


Cook Island provides a permanent home for green and loggerhead turtles, as well as a stunning variety of tropical and sub-tropical species of fish, nudibranchs, rays, eels and octopus, clownfish, bullseyes, gropers, leatherjackets, parrotfish, puffer fish, surgeonfish, sweetlips and trevally. Migratory shark species such as the blind sharks, shovel nose sharks, leopard sharks (summer), grey nurse (winter) and wobbegongs visit throughout the year.

There are 13 moorings around the island and almost all the island is suitable for snorkelling and diving. Cook Island is sectioned into three sides: north, south and east. Each side is unique in its topography and marine life.

    •  Alberta Wreck 12m
    • Kingscliff Pinnicles 32m
    • Bolders 33m
    • 9 Mile reef 28m (Kristies Fav)
    • 5 Mile reef 22m
    • Wommin reef 12m
    • Fido Wreck 14m
    • The Trawler 42m
    • Twin Peaks 38m (Matlocks Fav)
    • Now you see it 
    • The "G" Spot 28m (never been found) (Rudis Fav)
    • Look at me now reef 
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Advance Boat
Sunday 26 Aug 2018

Advance Boat

  • Start Date: Sun 26 Aug 2018 at 07:00
  • End Date: Sun 26 Aug 2018 at 11:00
  • Places Available: 2
  • Our Price: $109.00

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