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    Welcome to Kirra Dive
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    Safe diving practices, Dive planning fundamentals
    Problem management, Breathing air at depth
    Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning
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    Fun, Safe and Professional
    If you've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive,
    discover new adventures or simply see the wonderous
    world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.
  • Shore Dive are FREE
    Shore Dives are FREE!
    Fun Dive
    Find the The Bath, The Scales. The toilet
    Pick the day you want to dive
    Important - Book your hire gear
    So you have 10 Airfills to use or
    10 Hire tanks to use
    10% Off Equipment, $89 for a Double Dive
  • Cook Island
    Cook Island Dive Trip
    Safe, Fun and Professional
    Temperate, subtropical and tropical species of fish, crustaceans
    and molluscs are abundant in the complex rocky reefs of
    Cook Island Aquatic Reserve.
    For certified Divers Book Now More Info
  • Turtles
    Swim with the Turtles
    At Turtle Island (Cook Island)
    Cook Island has plenty of fish life but is most famous for its Turtles,
    for everyone you see, ten have already seen you......
    All Ages welcome, Ask for our Family Rate

Kirra Dive onthetweed - Since 1988 SO MUCH WATER, AND SO LITTLE TIME!

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Our Story 

Kirra Dive was started back in 1988 from members of the old Tweed Aquatic Club. The old site was behind kirra Surf at kirra, but as you can tell it was becoming unsafe to stay and it was a good choice to leave when we did, having a high rise build on top of the old Nisan hut may have been the end of us.
I brought the dive shop in a fire sale in 1996/7, the poor old shop had a weak pulse and was not expected to last out the night. The next 3 years we got it vertical again, breathing on it’s own and convincing me we may have something after all, at times I thought that staying at Seaworld would have been allot easier option. Still we soldiered on hocking our goods with a smile, 2nd mortgaged the home, sold our children for scientific experiment’s and made it through to the other end.

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